Continuous Flow Testing


Senior Aerospace SSP Engineering Labs has various Continuous Flow Test Capabilities to support customer requirements.


Continuous Testing Experience

As the on-site test facility for a leading bleed air duct system supplier, the SSP Engineering Lab has years of experience with high-pressure engine bleed systems. Continuous airflow testing is an essential way system pressure drop, leakage, as well as touch temperature characteristics, can be evaluated in a controlled environment.

The newly set up pneumatic flow line at the SSP Engineering Lab allows for much high pressure and high flow systems to be tested at or near operating conditions. Our on-site 1000 psi air compressor and 660-gallon tank ensure conditions can be maintained for the duration of testing while data is gathered.

In addition, multiple inline heat exchangers provide heating capability up to 1250°F at 80 SCFM of flow.

Continuous Testing Capabilities and Specifications


  • Max pressure: 1,000 psig (69 bar)
  • Max  flow:  2000  SCFM  (standard  atmospheric  pressure  and temperature condition)
  • Heating capability: 1250°F at 80 SCFM